Friday, March 16, 2007

Day Two

I slept through the night just fine with the sensor attached to my side/back love handle. I even slept on that side and was not bothered by the site at all. Other than when I was thinking about it and poking it yesterday, I have not had any issues with the actual site.

I was woken up by a ‘high’ alarm at 1am. The sensor was saying 204 and my meter clocked me in at 251. I corrected and went back to sleep. I have to say that my night and early morning numbers are higher today than they are normally, so I will have to wait to get more days under my belt before I over analyze.

While showering and changing my insulin pump site, I was looking at the cgms site. Do I really want to be connected to another site? Will it get ‘old’ fast? Will the extra data be helpful? Is it worth the cost? What if we invest the money into the system and I end up hating/not using it. I used an insulin pump in the early 1990’s for about a year and hated it. I felt horrible telling my parents that I did not want to do it anymore after all that they had spent on getting the pump and supplies. They were tremendous and helped me do what was most comfortable for me. Will I be that forgiving to myself if after sinking in thousands of dollars that I decide I don’t like it?

All important things that I hope to figure out this week.

So Far I've been surprise at the accuracy:

Time pump meter
7.09 start 114
7.26 100 104
8.18 90 135
8.54 115 110
9.22 106 116
12.22a 204 *alarm 259
7.21a 172 206
7.50 182 184
8.18 182 170
9.34 144 146
10.20 126 112 feeling lowish
10.44 106 102

I'll keep you updated.


Blogger Shannon said...

Do you correct based on the sensor reading or the meter reading?

I hope you get settled in with using the cgm and that it all works out for you!

11:39 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

Thanks for posting this series Caren. I think this sensor would be a great asset to good control. I'm currently having trouble with high night numbers and not sure exactly why. It would be great to be awakened by my pump in order to correct.

There is a 'quality of life' factor to consider when managing any chronic health condition that PWDs don't talk much about. I too wonder if I would want to wear a sensor 365 days a year. However, it would be great to have the sensor as an option when numbers start getting whacky and you can't figure out why.

10:25 AM  
Blogger AmyT said...

Hi Caren,
I'll be so interested to see how you feel about this product after several months... which is when I burned out on the inconvenience of these early-gen systems.

Visit me some time at

4:39 PM  

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