Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New horizions?

Do you see those jammies folded nicely on the chair? Those are my scardy pants. I took them off today and finally went “off belly” for an infusion set.

I had a flash back to when I was a “wildwood” camper, of sitting in the stage in the barn, with a group of fellow campers cheering me on. I giggled, but was trying not to giggle too much as I did my first stomach shot. I’ve been using my belly as a human pin cushion since then.

It put the site in my left thigh, about 1 hand width from my hip. It seems to be doing ok so far. I woke up at 74. Had some OJ with my cheerios and ended up at 230. I think it was the OJ that did it. I just checked in at 150, so I guess I am coming down. We’ll see how lunch goes.

Do any of you have different absorption in different areas? I would like to use my legs and “love handles” a bit more, but I am afraid of sitting on the site or rolling on it at night. For those of you that do use your derrière, do you actually sleep on the site, does that hurt or get sore easily?

I guess it’s all trial and error?

p.s. turning 30 is fab-u-lous! I recommend it highly ;)


Blogger Kassie said...

I think my non-belly sites absorb better. the less pudge on the site, the more likely it is to get sore, but that just reminds me to change the site when I'm supposed to anyway.

1:52 PM  
Blogger J said...

I use the good old tush well at least as far as I can reach over my chub... sometimes it works well I sleep on it and do not seem to have a problem only thing if I take my pants off I have to remember it is there and I have on occation pulled my pants down and pulled my site right out with the drop... I use the 43" tubing helps to reach around also my thigh I have tried and every time I put a needle in i stand up and it falls out .. hmm Just ordered some IV prep to see if I can get it to work sites other than my stomach absorb better

3:00 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

I'm trying to experiment with new infusion sites myself. I am too chicken to go for my thighs, because they're fairly skinny. All my fat seems to center around my middle, but going for those love handles is really nerve wracking! I am slowly working my way away from my abs and to my sides. And I mean slooooowly.

I'll be interested to find out what kind of success you have!

12:11 PM  
Blogger bethany said...

my favorite places are my love handles and my legs ... i've used my bottom once - and i'll never do it again ... i dunno it was just really really painful for me. i also use my arms occasionally ... and just recently i started using my belly again - i dunno for some reason i get so nervous putting my sites in lately - i'm always so scared they're gonna hurt really bad - but then once i do it, it obviously doesn't - i've been on the pump for 2 1/2 years - you'd think i wouldn't get so nervous anymore ...

good luck and try new places - you'll find spots that you love

12:37 PM  

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